I want to tell
you a secret!
Discover how real wood
flooring can make a
change and be good for
40 heating a small
for 1 year.
m² of real wood flooring
saves as much CO2 as emitted by…
Or a very, very big toilet.
80 producing
27.408 chicken
m² of real wood flooring
saves as much CO2 as emitted by…
You can eat chicken for 75
years. Every day.
100 the incineration of
550 bags
of trash.
m² of real wood flooring
saves as much CO2 as emitted by…
At a rate of 1 bag a week, that’s
almost 11 years worth of thrash.
120 printing 300.000
sheets of paper
m² of real wood flooring
saves as much CO2 as emitted by…
That’s printing for 32 hours
non-stop. (And refilling the
copier more than 500 times).
250 watching TV
for 7 years.
m² of real wood flooring
saves as much CO2 as emitted by…
Don’t forget to buy toilet
paper and snacks.
500 travelling
around the world
22 times by train.
m² of real wood flooring And while you’re
on the train,
you don’t have to
heat your apartment.
Win win.
1000 doing the
laundry 35.725
m² of real wood flooring That means 229 families can
do their laundry, 3 times a
week, for a year.
10.000 575 people having
a 10-minute shower
every day, for a year.
m² of real wood flooring Enough water to fill 8
Olympic-size swimming pools!
10 Mi manufacturing
5,5 million
m² of real wood flooring Batteries included.
Data unlimited not included.
100 Mi 2.500.000 cars
driven for a
m² of real wood flooring That’s like the entire
population of Paris driving a
car for a year.
1 Bi 25.000.000
return flights
from Brussels
to New York.
m² of real wood flooring That’s like the entire population
of Belgium going there twice
a year.


Parquet is
climate change.

The environmental benefits of choosing real wood are indisputable. Far less energy is consumed in timber production, processing and disposal than with any other construction material. The popularity of real wood floors grows, so the commitment to cultivation has grown with it. More trees are grown than are currently harvested.

The more
trees we use,
the more we

Virtually all the wood that we use is sourced from European forests which are sustainably managed. ‘Harvesting’ creates space for new growth. For every tree that is felled, we plant two.

Parquet is

Wood is completely recyclable. It can be used and reused, recycled and finally converted into bioenergy. No other material can equal this, in terms of volume and economy.

So much better
than carbon-

The production and processing of wood is highly energy-efficient, giving wood products an ultra-low carbon footprint. Furthermore, wood can often be used to substitute materials like steel, aluminum, concrete or plastics, which require much larger amounts of energy during production.

Parquet reduces
greenhouse gases.

The ‘carbon storage’ or ‘saving’ effect of wood products has a significant role to play in reducing greenhouse gases. Increasing the use of wood products will continue to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.


There are many
reasons to
choose parquet.

  • Parquet is not imitating wood. It’s real wood!
  • Parquet is attractive, appealing, and full of character. Every piece of wood is unique.
  • Parquet is the right choice for all living styles and is never outdated, thanks to its timeless design.
  • Parquet is versatile, adaptable to changing interiors – from traditional to modern and back.
  • Parquet is hygienic and anti-allergic. And can be cleaned simply.
  • Parquet is durable and economic. In case of occasional damage, it can be renovated easily.
  • Parquet is also an ideal choice for shops, schools, offices, and sporting arenas.
  • Parquet brings nature straight into your home.


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Real Wood is an initiative of FEP.
FEP reunites European parquet manufacturers, national parquet federations and suppliers to the industry. It is the main body representing and defending the interests of the European parquet industries at all relevant levels.